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  Equine Lucky Star Wellness

 Jessica Liebman - C.E.S.M.T , C.E.M.F.T


Red Laser Therapy 

Red Light Therapy utilizes light emitting diodes to help stimulate tissues at a cellular level .  red laser Therapy Produces Minimal Heat . Works well on superficial injuries. Helps with Superficial Injuries , Intact skin issues such as dermatitis hematomas absecces , muscle rcovery after excercise ,muscle strains ,tears and soreness ,Tendon and ligament injuries ,fractures and nerve injuries ,joint injuries  laminitis and arthritis .these symptoms also treated with the cold laser . 

Accup​o​int Meridian Therapy 

Laser Accupoint Therapy is the stimulation of all the Accupncture points. 

All Accupoints are points which run along the Horses Energy Meridians that correspond to  different functions and organs of the body The Laser is utilizred to target these ares instead of needles . The Laser beam balances and help to balance all the bodys meridians and Energy . Help  strengthen the horses Immune system and Helps with anxious Horses also .

Maintains Balance with all 12 Major Meridians . Lung ,Kidney, Liver ,Heart ,Pericardium,Spleen ,Large Intestine ,Bladder ,Gall Bladder ( Horse has only meridian no actual GB).Small Intestine,Triple Heater and Stomach Meridians 

Cold Laser Therapy 

Low Level Laser Therapy -This Lser has 90% efficiency at delivering light energy into the tissues . Laser Therapy moves the tissues out of inflammationstage and into the repair stage .Leads to faster healing and decreased painLaser Stimulates new blood vessel formation ,fibroblastactivity ,bone and collagen production Laser Therapy increases the availability of electrons which leads to an increase in the motochondrial membrane potentialIncreased ATP Production Role of ATP Healing following an injury improves tissue healimg and repair ,promotws cell growth ,regulates inflammation and signals tissue repairAnti Inflammatory Benefits 

Conditions that Benefit from Laser Therapy :

Abcessed Tooth                               

Navicular Disease 

BackPain                                           Neck Pain

Bug Bites / Hives                              Rain Rot

Hematoma                                         Saddle Fit Sores

Hip Pain                                             Scars

Hip / Pelvic Pain                               Shin Splints 

Hunters Bump / Kissing Spine     Sinusitis

Laminitis                                           Stifle Pain

Tendonitis                                         Hock Pain

Suspensory Ligament Injuries 

Thrush / White Line Disease 

DISCLAIMER : Equine body work & Laser therapy is not a substitute for or to solely treat or diagnose any medical condition , or to replace the care of a veteranarian 

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